We've been doing this for a long time. In our minds. On Pinterest boards. During conversations. But 2018 proved to be the year we jumped into the physical part of this dream, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to it!

We've known each other since 2010 when we met as students at Stellenbosch, who haven't quite figured out what we wanted to do once we completed our studies - nevermind figuring out life! We knew we were creative; we knew we loved people and creating things, but never did we grasp, that 8 years down the lane we would be standing here, creating a children clothing line! 

Our business name was inspired by our two dogs, Guss and Shilo - who are basically our two kids and part of our everyday adventures.


We wanted to create a collection of children clothing that inspires a life lived outside. In today's modern world, it's easy to get caught up in the immediate things, but we remember growing up on bicycles, swinging from trees and running wild. Which are exactly the feeling we wanted to replicate in our clothing; simple, beautiful, and adventurous clothing that reminds you of country living and a childhood, rich in memories.